hotlester said: like i told daisy everyone should take a deep breath and dont judge and ignore stupid ppl ^.^ ignorance is a step closer to happiness 👌

hell yeah pooky agreed 1000000%

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September 17
you dildo
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September 17


phil and i attempted to play Portal 2 co-op but with phil wearing a blindfold it dID NOT GO VERY WELL

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September 17


I love that they’re replying to comments again :)

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September 17
danscrotch said: noo healthy discussion is gr88!! i intended to make a blog for it but it kinda failed so here we are on danscrotch

it’s just that some people are so weird about it like there are the people on the extreme end of the spectrum like OH MY GOD IF PHAN ISN’T REAL I WILL ACTUALLY DIE and then there are the ones on the opposite end who are like SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT PHAN DONT EVEN TALK ABOUT IT DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT and it bothers me so much like it’s just a fun thing no need to get your panties in a wad about it??? if it’s real that’s cool if it’s not that’s cool too people should just focus more on d+p being happy versus who they’re dating ja feel (wow that was long im sorry)

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September 17


dan called phil a dildo i cannot believe 

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September 17



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September 17
are you actually shitting on my leg
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September 17



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September 17
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